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Spring Is In the Air!

Much has happened since my last post, the most significant being that last year we finalized the adoption of two wonderful, beautiful children. Life has changed in many ways! Overall, it is for the better. They’ve made...



Growing up, I hated when Dad made me get in the garden to do anything. He usually had me pulling weeds or running the ancient front-tine tiller. Now, years later, I’m married, have a...


Finally, signs of life!

It was a cold winter overall, and I’ve been ready for spring for a while now. We’re starting to see green grass, flowers blooming, bugs buzzing, birds chirping…I love it! My allergies took a...


Record Lows

I can’t remember a time I’ve seen it this cold outside. This morning I woke up and the thermometer read -3. We’re supposed to heat up to about 23 degrees today according to


Winter is Upon Us

I’ve never been one to like Winter, but I do love some of the scenery that Winter makes beautiful. It’s also one of the reasons I love living up here on Snow Hill. Last...


Happy 2014!

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is already here! It seems like just last week I was dealing with seasonal Spring allergies and getting my yard cleaned up and started mowing. Now it’s all...

A Long Overdue Update 0

A Long Overdue Update

Well, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything on here. Becky and I are going to try to start using this blog for more stuff. So what’s new? Probably the biggest thing...

Lots Of Work To Do 0

Lots Of Work To Do

A couple of weekends ago, my uncle was cleaning up some dying trees. There was some oak, hickory and maple, and he asked if I would want some of it for firewood. I got...

It’s 2012 Already? 0

It’s 2012 Already?

It seems like just a couple days ago it was 2011 (*ba-dum-tshh*). Ok, but seriously. I wasn’t trying to be a Scrooge or anything, but it never felt like Christmas ever really made it...