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Another Picture of ‘ZZ’ 0

Another Picture of ‘ZZ’

Kristan and family were able to make it up to Mom & Dad’s for our regular Sunday dinner, even with Zechariah (ZZ) being only 3 days old. That kid has a LOT of hair...

I’m An Uncle (Again) 0

I’m An Uncle (Again)

My older sister, Kristan, has had her 4th child. Her 4th boy, at that. That makes 5 nephews for Becky and me. Ryder, Braden, Daniel, Jackson, and now meet Zechariah Zion Crass. He was...

My Newest Nephew 1

My Newest Nephew

Joy & Jamin made a trip down to Tennessee to visit for a week, so we took advantage of our little studio setup to get some photos of baby Jackson yesterday evening.  He’s about...