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This is a little spot for me to post a simple thought rather than take up an entire blog entry.

I Quit Facebook 1

I Quit Facebook

I have several reasons which have been getting stronger over the last several weeks. I quit for some of the same reasons before, but decided to come back after a short while. This time,...

Baffled 0


It baffles me how some people in a professional environment refuse to communicate in a professional manner.  Rather than type out a proper sentence, they’ll use abbreviations suitable for text messages on a phone,...

Professional Courtesy 0

Professional Courtesy

Why do people find it so impossible to extend the professional courtesy and spell my name right?  What’s worse is it’s usually right there in an email and they can see it right in...

Power Outage 0

Power Outage

The power was out this morning, so it was a nice little challenge trying to get ready for work in the dark.  The site was down for a couple hours, but all is well...

Sped Up Site 0

Sped Up Site

Some of you may have noticed that the site hasn’t been quite as fast as it should be.  I found an option in my web server configuration file that allows browsers to request data...

Back to the Grind 0

Back to the Grind

The weekend is over, time to get back at it.  Maybe it will dry up enough to finish getting the garden ready.  I’ll be working on cutting up some firewood for next Winter too.