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Being Geeky 0

Being Geeky

So it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. I’ve been spending my time working (Had a huge outage at work the week before Thanksgiving), at church, studying, and sleeping. I feel like I’m finally...

Camping Trip 0

Camping Trip

Becky and I went camping with Kristan, Scott and all the boys a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun! Here’s a short video compilation that summarizes pretty well how things...

Striking It Rich 1

Striking It Rich

We’ve all seen them, or at least heard about them. Some scammer sends out spam emails to every imaginable address saying he has inherited millions of dollars, but it is only accessible if it...

A Pie in My Face 3

A Pie in My Face

For a youth revival we just concluded last night, we had a contest among the youth to see who could bring the most visitors. The reward? Yes, you guessed it – the winner gets...

Arizona No Longer on Mexico Border 0

Arizona No Longer on Mexico Border

I just ran across this video of a Democratic county supervisor in Milwaukee wanting to boycott Arizona for their measures against illegal aliens crossing the US border into their state. I have to say,...

Braden’s 10th Birthday 2

Braden’s 10th Birthday

My nephew, Braden, had his birthday party at Mom & Dad’s this evening. It was a fun family get-together. My dad somehow wound up on one of those razor scooters racing against Daniel… We...

VBS 2010 0

VBS 2010

This week we’ve been having Vacation Bible School at Fellowship Baptist Church. VBS is always a fun time – I always loved it growing up. It always seemed to be the most fun way...

A Few Photos 3

A Few Photos

I thought I’d post a few of my favorite scenery photos from the Colorado trip. Click each one, or click one and click through the larger versions. Let me know what you think!

Colorado Day 8 0

Colorado Day 8

We began Saturday by getting up about 5am local time. Although our bodies have mostly adjusted to the time zone here, it wasn’t that hard to roll out of bed. It still seemed like...