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I’m An Uncle (Again) 0

I’m An Uncle (Again)

My older sister, Kristan, has had her 4th child. Her 4th boy, at that. That makes 5 nephews for Becky and me. Ryder, Braden, Daniel, Jackson, and now meet Zechariah Zion Crass. He was...

Only Wednesday 0

Only Wednesday

It’s only Wednesday, and I’m already ready for the weekend. It has been a rather productive week at work, though, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

More Site Changes 0

More Site Changes

As you may notice, I’ve made yet another fairly significant change to the site.  This time, it is something more for the front-end rather than the back-end changes I made over the weekend. As...

Gearing Up 0

Gearing Up

Dad got his tractor out last Thursday evening and ran the bush hog through all the local gardens – his own, mine, Granny’s, Fred’s, and Jeff’s.  Then he plowed mine up.  The tractor struggled...

Site Upgrade 0

Site Upgrade

I’ve upgraded my website again. WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday (Saturday, March 29, 2008), so me, being the technical geeky guy that I am, had to upgrade. Unfortunately, the K2 theme that we’ve all...

Where Did Spring Go? 0

Where Did Spring Go?

I spent the weekend mowing my own yard and the church yard. I helped Becky clean up some of the flower beds around the house. All in all it was a beautiful Spring weekend....

Creation vs. Evolution 0

Creation vs. Evolution

I’m a firm believer in Creation.  It is a mostly faith-based belief.  It is the first ‘story’ in the Bible, beginning in Genesis chapter 1.  It says specifically that God created the Earth (No...

Dog Plays Catch By Himself 0

Dog Plays Catch By Himself

I saw this just a little bit ago and thought it was funny. But, it takes half the fun out of playing fetch with your dog! I guess it’s the lazy man’s way of...

Signs of Spring 0

Signs of Spring

I’ve posted a couple of blog entries about how much I’m ready for Spring.  Now that it’s only days away (This Thursday to be exact), signs of its arrival are beginning to appear. There...