Striking It Rich

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  1. Cool! I never thought of doing that. I always just immediately delete them. Just think if everybody did that, it might stop a lot of it. It wouldn’t stop it all, but it would stop some. I wonder how many people have been taken by these guys. A while back, there was an ad on craigslist about a free dog. It was one we wanted, so we replied. The person sent a reply back saying that they were in some foreign country as missionaries and he would have to overnight them to us. That immediately raised a red flag for us. We replied back, playing along just to see what all was involved. They wanted all of our personal information and wanted us to send a large sum of money to have them transferred to us. We got to looking and found that he had sent this same reply to dozens if not hundreds of people. Then here about 2 weeks ago, we got another message like that and saw that others had responded to it and we emailed those people and told them it was a prank and they said they were thinking the same thing and thanked us. Bunch of jerks is what they are!

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