Garden Work

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2 Responses

  1. Kristan says:

    Looking good…it’s about 3 times the size of our garden. Our corn’s starting to come up now…finally 🙂 But Scott’s been working hard at it. We just have a lot to learn. The other day he asked me something about the planting and I didn’t know the answer and he said, “You’re a country girl, you’re supposed to know these things.” lol I said, “All I ever done in a garden is weed it, that’s all I know about.” Anyway, we’re just learning and hopefully we’ll be able to plant more next year. Nice picture.

  2. Tammy says:

    Your garden looks great. We had some cucumbers and squash come up from last year and we did the same thing you did…moved them to anther spot. Our little garden is coming along pretty good. ~Kristan~ atleast your husband calls you a country girl. My husband says I am a city girl in a country girls body–and I have lived in the boonies ALL of my life! Silly man! 😉 Just because I don’t like to touch frogs, get dirty, or go barefoot…I have no idea what he is talking about!!! lol

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